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Many people think that they have the medical coverage needed through their existing medical plan. This is not necessarily true.  Those plans may offer adequate coverage domestically, however, they are not designed for international travel.  Many plans offer very little coverage outside of your home country and none of them offer the emergency assistance benefits you would require when facing an emergency abroad.  IF you are covered for basic emergency care, your current health plan would NOT provide coverage to evacuate you and repatriate you back to the United States.  Also, many foreign hospitals will admit you without caring about coverage, but won’t let you leave until you pay.  Do you want to put your health and finances at risk when traveling abroad?

International Medical Insurance can provide the protection needed against accidents and emergencies that can happen anytime, anywhere. The service centers are available 24/7 for medical emergencies and language barriers.  Depending on your needs, the plans can be as comprehensive or as basic as you desire.  And are more affordable than you may think.  Please visit our website and explore the options available or contact Julie Oliver @ 812-372-7829.  Let us provide you with the protection you need while traveling abroad so you can travel with ease and rest assured knowing you will be taken care of, should the unforeseen occur.